Freightcover is an online, specialist cargo insurance solution established in 2005 and developed ever since to meet the needs and demands of freight forwarders and provides secure, instant and high quality cover at competitive prices.

Underwritten by CNA, a world class, A rated (strong) international Insurer, Freightcover is administered, serviced and continually improved by a&b insurance brokers of Stockport, Cheshire.

a&b insurance brokers has many years of experience as a specialist marine cargo insurance broker; experience which has allowed us to simplify an often complex class of insurance business in to an easy to use online portal which fits in to freight forwarders’ day to day processes, streamlines claims procedures for equitable and speedy settlement and provides you with accessible advice and guidance away from the portal where necessary.

Our commitment to freight forwarders has been and will continue to be total. We listen to your problems and concerns and adapt our offering on the portal accordingly and quickly; we are on your side and ready to help you at all times.